Avail Cheap & Comfortable bus Journey from Melaka to Hatyai

Avail Cheap & Comfortable bus Journey from Melaka to Hatyai
When you are thinking to travel with your family from one city to another or you have come at the new place to uncover the beauty of historic places, mesmerizing scenic glory of nature, the richness of culture, local dialect, fashion, cuisines and more, the best way is to travel by bus. Traveling by bus has its own benefits. If you are in Melaka with your family and friends and you want to reach Hatyai then you can surely depend on bus service for your next journey. Numbers of bus companies provide bus from Melaka to Hatyai every day. you can choose one the bus services according to preference.
Bus Operators In Melaka

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You will find numbers of bus service providers in Melaka that run four to five buses everyday from Melaka to Hatyai, Thailand. Each bus company charges ticket fee as per the conveniences. If you want to travel from Melaka to Hatyai comfortably then you can book ticket of luxury express buses or coaches. The more you need comfort during your journey the more you need to spend bucks. You can get bus operator like Sri Maju, Transnasional, Putrajaya and more who run buses from Melaka to different destinations each day. You can book ticket by your ticket agent or you can directly go the bus terminal to buy ticket or you can book your ticket for bus online.

Why Book Ticket Online?

If you are thinking how to book ticket in a place where you have come with your family and friends to spend vacation and you do not know any head or tail of the place then you can trust in online bus ticket booking services. In that case, you do not need to hover in places and you can easily book your ticket sitting at your hotel room. If you are online friendly person then booking bus ticket online is not a very big deal for you. You can ask the hotel authority to provide you internet and laptop that you can book your bus ticket online or you can use your mobile to do so. Let us know the benefits of booking bus ticket from Melaka to Hatyai online
You do not need to search for bus terminals.
You do not need to bear up with long queue.
You can choose your seats for you and family while booking online.
You may earn discount for bulk ticket booking online.
You will get alert from bus company for your journey.

You do not need to depend on any unknown person as bus company operator will help you reach the bus terminal and they will guide you properly.


Most of the people take bus from Melaka to Hatyai as they find bus journey comfortable as well as cheap comparing to other transportation. If you are one of those who think to travel from Melaka to Hatyai or any other direction then you can surely depend on bus services.


Book KTM Malaysia Ticket Online

Trusted & Easy Ways To Book KTM Malaysia Ticket Online

Hope you have heard that KTM Malaysia? If you have not heard then this article will tell you all about online KTM ticket booking. KTM is widely known as Kereta api Tanah Melayu Berhad, though most of the people know it as KTM ticket. It is one of the most trusted online ticket Malaysia booking services. If you are new in this ticket booking rally then you might feel unknown, then you should consult a ticket broker who can help you in this regard. KTM Malaysia online ticket booking for smooth and easy ticket booking that you ever had in Malaysia.

KTM Book Your Safe & Easy Way

Hopefully, you know that the Railways Malaysia Ltd. is one of the most trusted and the main authority, also called the rail operator in Malaysia Peninsular. This highly trusted and reputed railway transportation comes in affect dates back to the British government era, from that time it was built to provide the best of the best facility on the transportation in the all areas of Malaysia. It is a inside and outside location transportation services in the entire Malaysia. This transportation is mainly operated in the entire Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

KTM Booking is All Time Convenient


The government of Malaysian and its own railway department is totally organized and owned by Malays authority. The ticket fares are generally affordable, so that all categories of people can easily afford it in the entire country. The majority of people believe booking ticket or the KTM book is safe as well as convenient. Yes it is true no doubt, because the safest and convenient way of booking ticket is KTM booking. Perhaps, the ticket fares are quite reasonable, but one of the very low-level of frequency for the ticket and the intercity of the train does not generally make them that way competitive.

KTM Booking for Easy & Comfortable Journey
All people want easy booking as well as comfortable journey and KTM can give them that. It is largely estimated that most of the trains and its trip to from a very common place to Kuala Lumpur, and other city of the entire Malaysia. Generally, it takes not more than six to seven hours from Singapore. Thus the KTM trains normally take you in various cities in Malaysia. Even though, you have other reliable ways to go to your desired destination, but it will take more time compared to KTM.
Why You Buy Online KTM ticket
People who like to buy ticket online, like KTM they know and believe that it is one of the safest as well as easiest ways by which they can get their ticket in time. These days it is sure that online KTM booking is one of the easiest ways and beyond doubt economical that most of the people like to do. So if you want to book your Ktm malaysia online ticket booking then tries to do it as early as possible, because thousands of people are in the queue.


Car Rental Malaysia

Talking about renting a car in Malaysia is just about like any other country in the world with innumerous options available to choose from the local as well as international car rental service agencies operating throughout the nation.

While most of the companies have the option to book the car on rent well in advance via their online services via websites, the option of getting a car booked is also there at the local desks and offices which helps in the documentation and the renting part without much of hassles.

Renting a car in Malaysia is yet another advantage due to the lovely road conditions throughout the nation and makes it even more enjoyable to drive through the country without having to rely on the local transport availability.

Documentation aspects of car rental; Malaysia

While each of the car rental service companies in this nation has their individual set of document requirements for you to rent a car from them, the road laws of the country applies whatsoever. Thus, in order to avoid any kind of penalties and breaches which might also lead to imprisonment as well, the documentation needs to be done without any mistake and carried along.

To make the matters easy, stated below are the standard documents that are necessary in order to rent a car in Malaysia.

1. Driving License: In order to drive a car in Malaysia, as per rule the driver along with any additional driver if present needs to have a currently active drivers license. In case you are from any country in Asia, Europe or from any of the States in the United States, the license is acceptable to use by the Malaysian government without questions.

2. Credit Card requirements : Another very important point to note in here before even thinking of renting a car in this nation lies in the fact that if you are the driver, you mandatorily need to have a valid credit card on your name. Without this, renting a car will get difficult or rather impossible.

3. Passport: This one is immensely important, as is obvious!

4. Telephone Number: Important as well.

The related important rules and tips associated to renting a car in Malaysia online such as easybook.


1. The foreign policies: Where many visitors are there who are on a tour from Singapore and wants to visit the nearby nation of Malaysia and may think of taking the car along which has been rented in Singapore. If this is the case, you need to be aware of something truly important. According to the Malaysian foreign car laws, a car rented in Singapore cannot enter in to the Malaysian premises. Visitors need to take public transport to enter Malaysia and then again rent a car to travel.

2. Age Limit: The minimum age limit of the driver should be at least 23 years and s/he should hold a license for no less than a year to drive in this nation.


Car rentals are fast picking pace in Malaysia where to know the vibrant nation; nothing can beat the pleasure of driving around knowing the roads and the rules altogether!


A Journey from Singapore to Batam

Travelling is fun and exciting. There are lot many places to see in this world. The whole world is a beautiful place to live in. Getting to see new places and having new experiences make life more interesting. Two of the most beautiful places in this world are Singapore and Batam. They have a lot to offer in terms of culture and hospitality. Singapore is a largely industrialised place with skyscrapers and shopping malls to delight each and every person who visits this place.

Adjoining to Singapore is a very amazing island named Batam. It is a very small place located near to Singapore. But, Batam just cannot be expressed in words. The whole place is so mesmerising and a pleasing treat to watch. Batam is located in the coastal area and as such, one can travel from Easybook Singapore to Batam either by car or taking the Ferry. Car journey can be quite a tiring one as Singapore is a bit far away from Batam. In that case, the best kind of transport is Ferry. Both Singapore and Batam has the largest ferry operators.

batam-fastBatamfast is the biggest ferry operator in batam and same is Sindo Ferry in Singapore. Travelling by ferry is the new thing. People love travelling by ferry as they get fresh air and have the time of their lives seeing the scenic view that these places have to offer. The crystal clear waters and the warm and cosy sand can make anyone fall in love with this place.

Booking a ferry is not hard at all as now a day ferries can be booked online or via the method of SMS booking.

Batam is also gradually turning out to be an industrialised area. Factories and malls are getting established in this area. The Islands in Batam are very beautiful to watch. People just take a route to Batam sometimes to disconnect them with the rest of the world.

The islands here are accompanied by hotels and restaurants for people to relax and chill. Staying at a seaside view is fantastic and soothing to the eyes.

Batam is covered with greenery all around and these areas mostly have a mild temperature throughout the year. There are many resorts to stay in Batam. The resorts are fully equipped and also the facilities are awesome. Batam also has some amazing restaurants which offer great seafood. People who love seafood must visit this place for once.

The journey from Singapore to Batam is an enjoyable one. The roads are lovely and fresh wind blows from the seas. Nights get cold in Batam. It has a lot to offer to its visitors. Singapore, as being a crowded place, people just love coming out from the crowd and enjoy a serene atmosphere. People who are planning for vacations must take a tour from Singapore to Batam. They are definitely going to like the place. And most of all, Batam should be travelled by Ferry for the extreme comfort!


Fun in Singapore

Singapore Zoo is very nice and a must visit. The River Safari is average and if you are doing the zoo, the night safari is a repetition. I would strongly recommend the zoo over night safari. There is a Singapore Attractions Express (SAEx Bus) that connects the zoo to various city locations and recommend use this. The River Cruise is not to be missed quite nice.


If you have seen the London Eye, this is almost similar (the London Eye has better viewing than the Singapore Flyer) has the view of the bay.Universal Studios – It’s amazing. Gardens by the Bay – The Cloud Forest is very nice and good education tour if you have young children.

Its best to take a bus from Singapore to Malaysia as it is cheaper and best. the advantages of taking the bus are –

  • a) Most of the buses pick up right outside your hotel (ours picked us outside Park Royal on Kitchener road)
  • b) Drops you at the heart of KL
  • c) The immigrations both ways is very fast and easy
  • d) The journey in a good bus is very comfortable
  • e) If this is compared with travelling to the airport 2 hours in advance, waiting for immigration and queue, flying time (1 hour) and taxi from the KL airport (2 hours) which is very far from the city